With a dedicated machine design team, having vast experience in broaching technology, equipped with latest 3D CAD software, we offer a wide range of broaching machines.

Machine Range

Series Models Capacity Stroke (mm)
PICO c1, i1, s1 2 Ton 300, 500
PICO c2, i2, s2 3 Ton 500, 800
NOVA c3, i3, s3 5 Ton 800, 1000
NOVA c4, i4, s4 6 Ton 800, 1000
MEGA c5, i5, s5 8 Ton 1000, 1250
MEGA c6, i6, s6 10 Ton 1250
MEGA c7, i7, s7 12 Ton 1250, 1600
MAXIMA c8, i8, s8 16 Ton 1250, 1600
MAXIMA c9, i9, s9 20 Ton 1250, 1600
MAXIMA c10, i10, s10 25 Ton 2000

Machine Features

Compact design
Multiple stations option
Retriever cum follower
MITSUBISHI PLC with 4 line display and error diagnosis sytem
Rapid Return
Automation for component loading / unloading
Automatic broach cleaning system
Ergonomic anti-skid operator platform
Tonnage meter / process controller
Broach protection system
Operator safety viz. light curtains, two hand operation etc.
Stroke counter, tower lamp, illumination etc.
Optional accessories viz. oil chillers, chip conveyors etc.

Our broaching machines are made of robust fabricated, stress relieved structures with cast iron guideways, working plate and other critical components. The hydraulic power unit consists of branded elements like Eaton, Kawasaki, Nachi, Yuken, Spica etc.

Hydraulic Broaching Machine

Apart from our standard machine range, we are also designing and manufacturing customised broaching machines best suitable for customer's requirements.

Broaching Machine Accessories

Broach Holders / Pullers Guide Bushes / Locator Horn Spline Plug Gauges

We are manufacturing various accessories required for broaching machines viz. broach puller holders and lifter holders as per DIN 1418, guide bushes & shims for keyway broaching, plug gauges etc.

Suntech Landriani - Round & Spline Broaches

Round & Spline Broaches

Involute Splines
Parallel Splines
Special Splines
Missing Splines

Suntech Landriani - Keyway & Surface Broaches

Keyway & Surface Broaches

Keyway with or without Chamfer
Keyway with or without Shoulder
Flat & Round Surface Broaches
Special Profile Surface Broaches

Suntech Landriani - DD & Polygon Broaches

DD & Polygon Broaches

D & DD

Suntech Landriani - Helical Broaches

Helical Broaches

Involute Splines
Parallel Splines
Special Splines
Missing Splines

Group Companies

NEMADE Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
Gear Grinding and Gear Inspection


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