Our hydraulic as well as electro­mechanical horizontal broaching machines are extremely flexible to suit almost any form of broaching. Due to extremely rigid and heavy construction, the accuracies that can be achieved are high. Due to the horizontal configuration, the operation of the machine is at floor level making the feeding of large and heavy work pieces easily possible. No platform or pit is required, and ceiling height is not a limitation. This configuration is perfectly suitable for relatively lower production volumes.

Advantages of Horizontal Broaching Machine

  • Operation of the machine is at floor level.
  • No platform or pit is required.
  • Ceiling height is not a limitation.
  • Incorporates semi-automatic tool handling.
  • Can be economical for lower production rates.
  • Can handle large components with ease.
  • Excellent for Keyway Broaching.
  • Very high flexibility
  • High accuracy due to robust construction


Special features